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Prince Philip Net Worth

The three boys were now hard at it; and quite a knocking and hammering arose, in which Granser babbled on unnoticed.

Prince Philip Net Worth: Prince Philip was a member of the British royal family most famous for being the longtime husband of Queen Elizabeth II. He had a net worth of $30 million at the time of his death. Philip came from Danish and Greek royal lineages. After serving in the British navy, he became a naturalized citizen of the United Kingdom and married Elizabeth shortly after the war. Outside of his royal obligations, Philip is interested in sports – especially carriage driving. Like many members of the royal family, he is also very involved in philanthropic pursuits.

With Elizabeth, Philip had four children; Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward. His grandsons through Charles are Prince Harry and Prince William.

Prince Philip died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99.

Early Life: Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was born on June 10th of 1921 in Mon Repos, on the Greek Island of Corfu. His parents were Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg. He was raised as a member of the House of Glücksburg and was initially in the line of succession to the throne of Denmark and that of Greece. Philip had four elder sisters, and he was born into an unstable situation during the Greco-Turkish War in which Greece lost significant amounts of land.

His father, Prince Andrew, was commanding an army division when a new military government rose up and forced King Constantine I of Greece (Philip’s uncle) to abdicate the throne. Eventually, Prince Andrew and his family were banished from Greece by the new government. The British sent a naval vessel to evacuate his family to safety, and Prince Philip was brought on board as a one-year-old sleeping in a fruit box. The family eventually settled in Paris.

While in Paris, Philip attended an American school. At the age of 7, he was sent to the United Kingdom to attend a preparatory school. Soon, Philip was alone in Britain. His mother was placed in a mental asylum, his father moved to Monte Carlo, and all of his sisters were married off to German aristocrats. After attending school in Germany for a few years, he transferred to another school in Scotland.

Military Career: After graduating in 1939, Philip became a cadet at the Royal Naval College, eventually graduating as the best student in his class. By 1940, he was serving as a midshipman on the battleship HMS Ramillies and later the HMS Valiant. In 1941, he was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant after a new round of education. He fought at the battle of Crete, the Battle of Cape Matapan, and the Allied invasion of Sicily (during which he saved his ship from a night bomber attack). After being awarded the Greek War Cross, he was promoted to lieutenant and then first lieutenant at age 21 (making him one of the youngest first lieutenants in the Navy). He then served with the Pacific Fleet during the conflict with Japan.

Marriage to Elizabeth: Elizabeth first started exchanging letters with Philip when she was 13. In 1946, Philip asked the King for his daughter’s hand in marriage and was granted permission. In 1947, the two were wed. Before the wedding, he was made Duke of Edinburgh. He continued to serve in the Navy after the wedding and officially ended his military career in 1951. When Elizabeth became Queen, Philip became Consort of the Queen. Throughout their marriage, the two had an extremely strong relationship.

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