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What is BLACKSTARKIDS Net Worth?


During the lockdown, we got to know so much about the hidden talents but some people rose to the new standards of fame and popularity with their skills. One such example or may we say the epitome of fame is BLACKSTARKIDS and they have become the buzziest band out there. So, are you ready to know more about this new music sensation?

What is BLACKSTARKIDS Net Worth?

It’s not like BLACKSTARKIDS is a multi-million band as they are just teenagers who are blessing the world with their amazing chords and tunes. So, when the net worth is concerned, it revolves around $1 million to $2 million, and that too, they gained it all from the real-time performances and some singles that they have released.


BLACKSTARKIDS is basically a band of teenagers hailing from Kansas City. The band includes Gabe, Ty, and Deiondre and this powerful trio are likely to become the future of genre-fleeting experimentalism. They have made nostalgic pop bops which are a combination of indie and hip-hop and are mixed into the bangers. All of this can be seen in their album called, “Whatever, Man!”

The albums include the trio that’s showing off the genre-mixing musical track over the course of ten amazing songs and tracks. According to Gabe, he loves synths and guitars and he is driven by the 2000s and he likes to create his own genre rather than choosing from the predesigned genres. However, the other two are fond of bending the genres, offering support, but want to take everything lightly.

When asked about the early musical memories, Gabe said that he loved the rhyme, “twinkle twinkle little star” and he would sing it every night. As for Deiondre, he used to love the song Discover which is created by Draft Punk. Lastly, Ty was fond of “Work It” which was sung by Missy Elliott. However, one thing is constant with all of them, they all loved the song and were insanely crazy about the songs.

Just like other musicians, this trio had their favorite musicians and artists which helped them start out in the music industry. For instance, Ty loved The Creator since he was a black artist and was influenced by the exploratory music made by him, and he keeps taking inspiration from him. Also, Deiondre loved 1975, Prince, Kevin Parker, Mac DeMarco, and Toro y Moi.

According to Deiondre, these people inspired him to play different musical industries. As for Ty, he was inspired by Odd Future and Childish Gambino but he is also inspired by Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. According to this trio, they are extremely motivated by the music scene in Kansas City and they have high hopes for jazz music in the community. Also, they think that the Kansas community is supportive.

BLACKSTARKIDS is very hopeful about future collaborations because they are dreaming about making it big in the music industry. To name a few, the trio collectively wants to collaborate with Pharrell, The Creator, Tyler, Kevin Parker, Dey Hynes, and Toro Y Moi. In addition, they intend on playing with Ariana Grande and we hope that their dreams come true.

According to BLACKSTARKIDS, they want everyone to know that the band is all about black expression without compromising on charisma. The band is all about nostalgia, fun, and engagement because they truly put efforts into creating unique music. Also, upon asking, the trio has repeatedly asked their fans to remain easy on themselves.

Early Life

To be honest, there is not much to know about the trio. First of all, BLACKSTARKIDS is the combination of Gabe, Ty, and Deiondre. They belong to Kansas City and are actually the high school buddies who are collaborating together and making music. The trio is trying their best to create charismatic black expression through their tunes and songs.


BLACKSTARKIDS is a music group and band that has an extensive list of inspirations and influences that can make them run for miles. Their music is a combination of experimentalism, creativity, and attitudes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the current music industry is oversaturated but their music is unique and the authenticity is to die for.

They have released their debut release and they are evolving on the musical forefront. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that their music is filled with edge and the multi-aspect music creates an engaging impression. The trio wants to keep making music because it’s the reflection of what they think about music (it’s all things positive, by the way).

With SURF, the band really showed the sharp and highly focused lyricism that shed light on escapism and mental health. However, these factors were presented in a casual and light-hearted form which didn’t overpower the brightness of musical instruments. In addition, Britney Bitch is their new song which is the epitome of authenticity and the trio shining.

For the most part, their career has been fun, but according to one of the singers, they went through too much struggle to create a Britney Bitch song. As for the future, we do think that this trio is going to make it big and do something awesome for their music community in Kansas City.


To summarize, BLACKSTARKIDS is the emerging band that’s working to create a band that’s all about black expression. The trio is the combination of three black teenagers who are using their vocal and instrumental skills to create the most authentic music in this oversaturated industry. So, we would say that look up to the music as they are the best ones out there!

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