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Annie Gaybis Net Worth

Annie Gaybis Net Worth

For thousands of people around the world, “making it big” in Hollywood is the dream. And, while there are many ways to do it, the tried and tested way is and always has been: putting in the work. And nobody puts in more work than tinseltown legend, Annie Gaybis.

A triple threat combination of singing, dancing and acting prowess, Annie Gaybis is known for her work on classic movies, leading roles on stage, and extensive tv guest starring work. She’s featured alongside big Hollywood names from Dolly Parton to Orson Welles, delighting on stage and screen since the 70s. It’s her kind of work history that makes industry players old and new happy they know her, and curious about her net worth.

How exactly does somebody get to the level of an Annie Gaybis? You start young, and take a lot of continuous work. Singing classes. Acting classes. Self starter operations where you create a show out of nothing and bring it to the masses. Annie Gaybis has been there, doing it all, for longer than most people’s entire careers.

And how much does this kind of work pay? Let’s take a closer look at the life and work of Annie Gaybis.

A Life Of Entertainment

It seems like, no matter where she did it, Annie Gaybis’ early career in entertainment was always starting fires. The early seventies were a busy time, whether you were looking at her work on screen or on stage. But it was her work ethic that gave her the edge in the entertainment industry.

Let’s talk about cabaret, for starters. A veteran singer and entertainer, Annie found herself in the early 70s looking to develop a cabaret act all of her own, with a little prompting from veteran agent, Aaron Toder. This was a woman who wasn’t going to wait around for opportunities to fall into her lap. Gaybis went down to Colony Records on Broadway and, with her goal in mind, started looking up female vocalists to kickstart her act. From there, it was a simple matter of listening to “Live Onstage in The Persian Room Vicki Carr” more times than she could count, mapping out similar songs, and developing an act all of her own based on this content.

A few short years later, her show would take her all across both America and the UK, performing at clubs alongside the likes of legendary comedian Milton Berle, Pat Henry (Frank Sinatra’s favorite comedian), and Fred Travalena.

Her film career started off in 1973 in a very similar fashion: a series of smaller, self starter roles that would lead to greater things down the line. Working her way up to four movies a year in 1976, she would grow her appearances to the point where she was appearing alongside the likes of Martha Reeves, Professor Irwin Corey, Rory Calhoun, John Saxon, Dudley Moore, Harry Morgan, and Apollonia. A clear example of the idea that, if you’re going to get good at any job, you just have to show up for it every day.

In 1982, she took on two sizeable roles, one in Friday the thirteenth Part III, and the other in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, with Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds. The following year, she would work with acclaimed director Orson Welles on his reissue of Necromancy, entitled, The Witching. Add to that her “always say yes” approach to TV appearances, leading to dozens of spots on syndicated television shows across both New York and California, and it’s easy to see how a positive, go-getter attitude can help you achieve everything you want in life.

Annie Gaybis Net Worth

And now we arrive at the big question: how much does a lifetime of hard work and big roles in Hollywood earn in terms of net worth? When it comes to a performer who has had such a big presence across stages, film and television screens, how much does your career add up to in the big picture?

The 69 year old Annie Gaybis sports an impressive $1,700,000 net worth. This is actually a more common net worth among celebrities than you might think, with stars such as Aaron Carter and Lindsay Lohan pulling in similar numbers. As a Florida native with ongoing acting and theater roles, this sets Gaybis up perfectly for a comfortable life of fulfilling roles and rewarding work, ideal for any established actor.

In Conclusion

Hollywood is the high water mark for many people, and “making it” there can seem like an impossible dream. Annie Gaybis’ career, with extensive work throughout the 70s right into present day is proof of one thing, though: the best way to achieve your dreams is to do as much as you can within your industry every single day of your career. Say yes to opportunities. Say yes to making your own opportunities. However you do it, be like Annie and make your dreams come true.

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