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Kodiak Redd and Flyysoulja Networth

Kodiak Redd and Flyysoulja Networth

Fans of I’m an Island boy song are eager to know the star behind this viral video on TikTok. The song has attracted lots of viewers and has millions of views with thousands of likes. 

Venegas Franky and Venegas Alex popularly known as Kodiyakredd and Fyysoulja are twin brothers who came from west palm beach in Florida, United States.  These American rappers became famous shortly after releasing “I’m an island Boy” a song that went viral on the net after reaching over 500 thousand views on YouTube and TikTok. 

The song was shot in a water tub and these famous TikTok rappers got lots of attention from TikTok users worldwide. Although many people talk down on their looks however that doesn’t stop them front growing followers every day. 

Not only did these twin brothers sing a song that people love so much but there widely known for their hilarious acts on social media. Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulija have not really been in the music business for a long time while they are worth $2,000,000 within a month of Island Boys song.

NameFranky and Alex Venegas are widely known as kodiyakredd and Flyysoulija.
Ne worth $2,000,000
Hairstyle Gold and black
Career Music
Date of birth July 16 2001 in Florida
Zodiac signCancer
Tattoo Yes
Piercing Yes
Education Drop-out 
Relationship Not cleared 
Complexion Light skin
Nationality USA
Parent name Venegal


Frankie and Alex are born and raised by Cuban parents. They are born into the family of Venegas in Florida on the 16th of July 2001 by a Cuban dialect Father and Mother.  After their father died of a heart attack in 2007, Kodiakredd and Flyysoulia developed troublesome behavior and as a result of that, all effort from their mother to send them to a good school flunked. 

Moreover, Island boys (Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja) are accepted and loved by people because of their song and charismatic personality.

Franky Venegas career history 

Venegas Franky who is also known as Kodiyakredd is one of the Island boy’s twin rappers. He started his music career in early 2020 and released some songs which are real right, Smoke, and 9ine but eventually he released Island boys which makes him and his twin brother famous on social media. 

Venegas Franky has over a 39,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1.3million followers on TikTok and he recently changed his name from Redd4x to Kodiyakredd. This Florida rapper currently lives in New York while he continues his songwriting and singing career. 

Moreover, fans of Koidiyakredd and Flyysoulja said Franky (kodiyakredd) has an attractive look and he’s more calm compared to his brother Alex Venegas (Flyysoulja). 

Alex Venegas career history 

The TikTok star Alex Venegas also known as Flyysoulja started singing in 2021 and released his first song title Money. He collaborated with Kodiyakredd who is his twin blood brother to release I’m an Island boy.

Currently, his relationship status has not been revealed but based on research, Flyysoulja is suspected to be dating toxiicfaiiry on Instagram. 

Flyysoulja has been able to maintain his personality in the music industry. Island boy is a big bang that earned them thousands of likes, followers, and fans on social media. Venegas Alex currently has over 2.7 million followers on TikTok and more than 8 million views on YouTube. 

He’s currently living in Florida while working on his music career.  In addition,  Flyysoulja is known to be the brain behind Island boy song and that is why he has more followers than Kodiakredd. 


Both Frankie and Alex are in a relationship according to their viral photos online. Although a lot of people have tried to ask about their girl lovers but they refuse to reveal their names. Nevertheless, Kodiakredd and Flyyssoulia have been enjoying their music career with no blackmailing or accused crime so far. 

Private background

There are negative records of the Cuban Florida twin brother during their time in school and after school. Right from age 13, they have been arrested for different negative actions includes robberies, violence, and several crimes which they ended up in juvenile jails. 

 Kodiakredd and Flyyssoulia Net worth

Frankie and Alex are rappers born in Florida, USA. They are currently worth $2,000,000 after their song went viral on TikTok.  Earlier this time, they have released a series of songs like 9ine, Money, and Smoke but the song did not go viral.

I’m an Island boy singer Kodiakredd and Flyyssoulia joined the music industry in 2020 but have become successful within a short period. They became rich through their song which was shot in a water tub after the song reached millions of TikTok users and was liked by thousands of fans.

Their net worth grew from scratch to $2,000,000 and they’re currently making huge money from companies who are inviting them for video advertisements contracts. 

Source of income

The Island boys are indulging in multiple sources of income and due to this; their money is worth thousands of dollars today. They generate money from social media (most especially Youtube and TikTok) and they often sign contracts with companies for product advertisements. 

Big bag entertainment is a channel on YouTube where vlogs and popular music videos are posted. They earn from Adsense their YouTube channel while having over 39,000 subscribers on their music Channel. 

Recently, created a Cameo account where they satisfy fans with the music of their choice which they have requested.  

Franky and Alex are still famous today because of their song, Tattoo, hairstyle, and hilarious personality. This has to boost their music career as they are having more fans every day because of their musical and hilarious activities on social media.  

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