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What is Glaive’s Net Worth?

Hyperpop is still a new term but it can be pretty frustrating because it has various challenging aspects. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hyperpop is the future of pop but this arena has so many expectations to cater to. For the most part, this form of pop is known for its amorphous nature and is a combination of aesthetics and unified tunes. With the expansion of this genre, Glaive was the new find who rose to popularity and we are going to talk about him in this article!

Who Is Glaive?

To begin with, Glaive is a fifteen-year-old video-obsessed teenager who gained popularity by painting his nails in bright shades. He is from Hendersonville, North Carolina which is a small town located on the southern side of Asheville. This place is basically a place for retirees which means there aren’t too many kids in the area and there is hardly anyone who shares the same interests as him. However, recently, he started making rap songs and gained immense popularity.

What Is Glaive’s Net Worth?

Glaive is a new entrant into the music industry and he actually gained popularity during the lockdown, and here we are, talking about the net worth. Well, according to our insights, his net worth might be around $3 million because he is still new. However, this net worth is still pretty good as he is just started out in the field.

Glaive’s Early Life

For the most part, he was born in Florida near Sarasota until he was nine-year-old. However, his family moved to Hendersonville but he hasn’t much of a difference in these two locations. This is because according to Glaive, his life in both of these cities is slow. The most intriguing part is that he wasn’t big on music when he was a kid and he would only listen to the music while sitting in the back of his mommy’s car.

According to Glaive, he remembers listening to the stars from the early 2010s (he would listen to these songs on the radio). As far as the stars are concerned, he would listen to Taylor Swift, Kesha, and Katy Perry which creates the sugary tones and emotions related to pop music. He has repeatedly said he was never keen on making music but he always had the itch to perform. Not to forget, he has stood in front of the mirror and copied Justin Bieber.

Over the course of the past few years, he found refuge from the boredom of small-town through the internet. According to this music-induced teenager, he has always wanted to be a YouTube which means he kept recording the vlogs while facing the camera and spoke whatever came to his mind. In addition, he has joined the Discord server and started meeting like-minded people from around the world. Not to forget, he joined the SoundCloud underground where he was introduced to the musical world.

To begin with, he was head over heels in love with Lil Tracy and Lil Peep but he soon realized that small-scale artists would make the damaged rap tracks which resulted in the development of esoteric pop tracks. For this reason, he also started making his own music and he started out with RPG Dark Souls III. To be honest, he isn’t the first person to make pop music from the bedroom only because he was bored. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that his music wasn’t formed well but it was emotionally forward.

Glaive’s Career

Over the course of time, we have seen the emergence and popularity of Hyperpop ever since AG Cook collaborated with Charlie XCX around four years ago. However, it has hiked in popularity over the past few months since it was featured in New York Times. Glaive was part of this New York Times feature as soon as he started making music when the COVID-19 lockdown happened back in March 2020. It’s safe to say that he has a natural talent.

He has been playing about the vocal treatments but it’s pretty evident that he has gifts in melody while the Debut EP is launching in the upcoming week. In addition, he has been going to LA for making celebrity appearances but he would go after doing homework (the perks of age). He has experimented with different music genres, such as Midwestern emo, punk, digicore, and bleeding which became an important reason behind his popularity.

He has captured various collaborations with internet-famous influencers. For this reason, he gained popularity in the field of Hyperpop which is the combination of experimental genres that tap into Gen Z’s feelings. Glaive has created the debut mixtape, known as Cypress Grove and he chose the name from the street of his hometown. As far as the video is concerned, it is the visual combination of natural and lush landscapes and he moves around in a raccoon onesie through the woodland.

When we look at how he started making music, he was actually very quick in making the music. This is because Glaive was making at least one song a day which means the seven tracks of Cypress Grove were created within a week. As far as the career inspirations are concerned, he has always been motivated by music and pop and he also thinks that Justin Bieber’s melodies are simply unbeatable. So, now we know where he gets the motivation from!


To summarize, Glaive is the rising star when we talk about Hyperpop. This is because one minute he was making music from his bedroom because he was bored and the next thing we know, he is traveling to LA and making celebrity appearances and not forget about the influencer collaborations!

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