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Lord Skrt Net Worth

Lord Skrt

Lord Skrt is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $27 million. In the era of social media and the Internet, more stars have come to fame in general and Lord Skrt is one of them. The up-and-coming artist has earned himself a name in the past two years and gained respect from some of the industry’s biggest stars like Juice WRLD and Julio Foolio.

Lord Skrt’s songs easily captivate the attention of new-age audiences. In 2019 he exploded in popularity on SoundCloud and made his way to Apple Music with his single “Speed Racin’.” In the first 6 months after release, Lord Skrt gained more and more listeners and social media followers who continually asked for more content.

As his popularity progressed, Lord Skrt became the source of many news headlines, such as for rejecting an invitation from the legend herself, Ellen DeGeneres. It’s still unknown as to why he declined to go on the show, but he is notorious for doing what he pleases and it seems like the appearance was simply something he did not want to do.

Some of his great deeds, which have been greatly appreciated by his hometown community members, include the way he brings attention to helping homeless people and doing random acts of kindness to make those in need feel important, empowering them with great examples of leadership. This played a huge part in putting him in the spotlight and gaining more attention from industry experts, fans, and listeners.

After rising from obscurity to becoming a viral sensation nearly overnight, he began posting pictures and videos of himself on Instagram. His content mainly features sharing his music journey with fans. He also loves to post Instagram stories in vlog-style so fans can only watch them once and have to come back to have a new experience all over again, something many people love and enjoy about Lord Skrt.

Early Life

Born on February 1, 2001, in Daytona Beach, Florida, Steano Lambros Paspalakis often traveled to Sparti, Greece in his childhood, the old Sparta where his family originally lived before immigrating to the United States.

At a young age, Lord Skrt wanted to become a dolphin trainer after swimming with dolphins in Panama City. In 2019, he entered the University of North Florida, although he soon changed his decision and went on a completely different journey, choosing to become a psychologist. But that didn’t last long either. Skrt ended up changing his path one more time and set his mind on something he enjoyed, arguing and law. While he worked hard to focus on his schoolwork, he wrote songs, making beats and trying to produce new vibes. He did this effortlessly and without it interfering with his school studies. He tries to be low-key in school but it has become harder and harder to go places due to so many people wanting to engage with him, take pictures with him, and get autographs.

Lord Skrt


At the beginning of his music career, Lord Skrt became close friends with Juice WRLD through Instagram where they communicated via direct message. Juice would often communicate with Skrt on a weekly basis, letting him know that he was on the right track.

Skrt was inspired by the up-and-coming artist and took his tips into consideration so he could apply them later on, not only on his own songs but also with unreleased songs that he made with Juice WRLD. After the death of the beloved artist, Skrt went on Instagram to make a post to honor him and to say his final goodbyes.

A year later, Lord Skrt went on to host his first concert at Razzles nightclub in Daytona Beach, which earned him a new audience and more popularity among locals. His success made enough noise that he got invited to be featured on 103.3 The Vibe.

So far, the artist has published 2 albums. His latest, “4,” contains 11 tracks, the first letters of which spell out “Wow I need you.” Sources are not sure who this album is about or why he made it, but it has reached over 1 million plays on Apple Music. Lord Skrt also recently sent a tweet giving his audience insight into his work on publishing another album including songs with Juice WRLD and other established artists.

Besides Music

Apart from music, Lord Skrt enjoys helping homeless people and tries his best to give back to the community. Lord Skrt is also one of the few rappers who is completely drug-free and, when invited to parties, refuses to do anything out of the ordinary. He has also been spotted in Hard Rock Casinos across Florida playing blackjack and poker. On weekends, he enjoys playing basketball and is heavily involved in boxing.

During his recent interview with BuzzFeed Entertainment, Lord Skrt said that his music was heavily inspired by the great success of Drake. Although he was guided by Juice WRLD and was good friends with him throughout the process, Drake was still the image he looked up to and still looks up to today.

The Expensive Life of Lord Skrt

Attracting multi-million dollar brand deals and getting paid big, Lord Skrt rented out an entire strip club just so he could have a party with a few of his friends. His fame and fortune have attracted more women and he loves treating the right ones. He also dropped $40,000 on a Presidential Rolex and, after a celebration of a successful commercial, ended up buying 2 bottles of Ace of Spades in one night and rented out an entire island in the Bahamas.

Lord Skrt also loves luxury cars and owns one which cost him around $489,000. He often posts photos of his prized possessions on his Instagram stories, including his matte black Lamborghini Huracan, which has a starting price of around $190,000, and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV valued at $142,000. The total value of his assets at the current market rate is estimated to be more than $27,000,000.

Favorite Quotes from Lord Skrt

  • “Tell me I can’t and I’ll show you how.”
  • “To hunt with lions, you gotta become one.”
  • “It’s lonely at the top, that’s why Lambo has two seats and the bus has 50.”
  • “Don’t change your fashion to fit the crowd, change your fashion to fit your vision.”
  • “I only want one thing from fake people: Distance.”


Lord Skrt is an Independent artist who has turned down two label deals and is pursuing music without any third-party agencies. He is well connected with other artists who are always there to offer him a helping hand. According to his close friends and family members, he is a nice guy and heavily invested in helping those in need. Skrt plans to pursue his career in music while focusing on completing law school to become a business or corporate lawyer.

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