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What is Charlie Clark’s Net worth?

Charlie Clark Net Worth

Charlie Clark is a Canadian politician and also the current mayor of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. He first won his seat as a Mayor in 2016 and because of his good work he was reelected in 2020.


Clark done his graduation in conflict resolution and education and he went on to do his masters in environmental studies. He has worked in mediation, restorative justice, adult education, and community economic development which is really helping him at office.

In 2002, he moved to Saskatoon in 2002 where he worked for a local non-profit community development organizations.

His political career started in 2006 when he was first elected to Saskatoon City Council in 2006. He was acclaimed in 2009 and was reelected in 2012 by a huge margin. As a councillor Clark often championed greater transparency and alternative development strategies.

After spending 10 long years as a councilor he started his bid for a bigger job, a mayor, in 2016. And his biggest challenge was Don Atchison who was favorite to be reelected as a mayor. He ran on a platform of better planning for future growth, including economic and environmental sustainability, as well as more focus on issues of social issues. He went on to beat Atchison by a big margin of 3,000 votes.

Clark oversaw the development of new community partnerships focused on economic and social development in his first term, along with public safety and harm reduction, and sustainability.
After a successful stint at the office he ran for a second term in 2020 during the pandemic. Clark was challenged by former provincial MLA and cabinet minister Rob Norris, who was accused of organizing a slate of candidates in the election – a charge he denied. But Clark won again with 46.9% votes.

He is still at the office and is beloved by his people.

Net Worth

Clark’s net worth is around $1 Million. He earns a decent amount of income from his job and he has also invested in small tech start-ups as he is a huge believer of technology. He also invested in a small fast food chain of his friend.

He lives in the city but also owns an apartment in Downtown Toronto where he and his family enjoy some city time and yes, Raptors games as well.

Clark is not a big fan of cars but he owns one Tesla S along with a Ford F-150.
Clark is a huge ice hockey fan as well and he cheers for Maple Leafs. You will see him in many Maple games.

In 2018, he along with his family travelled to UK where he met British politicians which clearly justifies his friendly nature and his lust to learn every day.

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