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What is Pom Pom Squad’s Net Worth?

Pom Pom Squad Net Worth

Pom Pom squad has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million.

Pom Pom Squad is an indie rock/grunge band oriented from Brooklyn, New York. Frontwoman Mia Berrin started it as a solo project but it evolved into a four-piece band. Mari Ale Figeman joined the group as a bassist while Shelby Keller took on the drummer role while the lead guitarist of the band is Alex Mercuri.


As told earlier, the band was started by Mia Berrin who started it when she was only eighteen years old. She soon moved to the city of dreams, New York, where she performed solo under the name Pom Pom Squad and with an early iteration of the band. She also released the EP Hate It Here in 2017.

The group came into existence when she met bassist Mari Ale Figeman and drummer Shelby Keller at a club show. Guitar duties fluctuated between Ethan Sass and Alex Mercuri for a period until Mercuri became the permanent fourth member.

The band released their EP Ow in September of 2019. The band took the indie rock niche by storm and started getting recognition on immediate basis.

Berlin independent Label City Slang were able to secure the signatures of the Pom Pom squad on 2nd of March in 2021. With them, the band released their single Lux and a full length album named the Death of a Cheerleader as well.

Caked with references, Death of a Cheerleader explores layers of experience as a queer, Black, and Puerto Rican woman by calling back to different eras and experiences with a Melanie lyric here, a David Lynch Easter egg there, a song title inspired by The Virgin Suicides.

Net Worth

Pom Pom squad has managed to collect good amount of fame and fortune in a very short interval of time.

As of July 2021, Pom Pom squad has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million. The band is not very transparent about their personal lives on the social media. They have 10K plus followers on their Instagram where they rarely flex their fortune but instead they’re post pictures with artistic and aesthetic insight.

The band is quite young so they will be making tons of money in future. They currently own a farm house in Tampa where they get together and rehearse. They are also travel enthusiasts and they’ve currently toured Hawai.

According to reports, Berrin owns Land Rover Range Rover. The SUV is stationed at her New York home.

The Range Rover Vogue sources power from a 4.4-liter V8 diesel engine which is perceived to deliver 335 PS and 740 Nm of peak torque.

They are currently working on their new album and they have not revealed its name yet. They are very not very old in this game and we know that Rock genre is not a go-to genre for firms and companies to advertise.

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